Global Initiative to Support Parents (GISP)|Sudan

Parents and caregivers are heroes: Protecting our children in a crisis

In response to the ongoing crisis in Sudan, the Global Initiative to Support Parents  (GISP) Team has collaborated with Parenting for Lifelong Health at the University of Oxford, the WHO, UNICEF, and other international organizations to provide support for families affected by the conflict. The team has co-developed resources based on adaptations of materials previously created for the Türkiye Parenting Response, Syria Parenting ResponseCOVID-19 Parenting Response, the Ukraine Parenting Response, and the Pakistan Parenting Response. These resources consist of 14 open-source, evidence-based parenting tip sheets designed to help parents and children cope during the crisis, including tips for dealing with grief and loss, building children’s strength in a crisis, and protecting children from violence. The tip sheets are available in English and Sudanese Arabic and are currently being disseminated to affected families through partner organizations.