Our Progress

Since its inception in 2021, the Global Initiative to Support Parents (GISP) has worked hard to advance the parenting sector through focusing on its stated four pillars. It has:

Supported and hosted regional convenings that have elicited rich insights on parenting-related policies, interventions, and practices, stimulating awareness of the importance of parenting and generating demand for scaled-up, quality parenting intervention

Through close collaboration with partners and engagement with countries, alongside mixed method research, evidence of different interventions has been gathered

Promoted collaboration and knowledge sharing through learning groups, webinars, dialogues, and workshop sessions

Presented user-friendly parenting and advocacy resources, examples, and evidence on the GISP website and other platforms to enrich sector knowledge

Some highlights

June 2021: GISP is launched with a “Call to Action” seeking increased support for parents, caregivers, and families across the world.

May 2022: Working Group on Fatherhood in launched to promote fathers in parenting

October 2022: Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Meeting on Supporting Parents and Caregivers is held

October 2022: Regional Consultation to Support Parents in Southeast Asia is held

November 2022: A parallel session as part of the World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education (Uzbekistan) is held

November 2022 and December 2022: The Asia Webinar Series On Supporting Parents and Caregivers is held

February 2023: Launch of the WHO Guidelines on parenting interventions to prevent maltreatment and enhance parent–child relationships with children aged 0–17 years

June 2023: Launch of the GISP website and knowledge platform on parent and caregiver support

August 2023: The Regional Convening in support of parents in the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, And North Africa Regions is held