Parenting is the greatest entry point for promoting children’s well-being, leading to better education, economic, health and social outcomes.

The Global Initiative to Support Parents (GISP) is an interagency collaboration formed during the COVID-19 pandemic around an urgent agenda to ensure every parent and caregiver has access to parenting support. GISP was formed by UNICEF, WHO, Parenting for Lifelong Health at the University of Oxford, the Early Childhood Development Action Network (ECDAN), and the Global Partnership to End Violence, and is calling on governments, donors, and other partners to invest in universal access to parenting support programmes for all families that need it.

GISP Call-to-Action

We must work collectively to innovate, scale-up, generate evidence, and advocate for initiatives that support parents and caregivers.  Join us and grow the global movement in support of parents to secure a more resilient and promising future.

Interagency vision

This document sets out a framework for collective action towards a shared inter-agency vision of universally available parenting and caregiver support.

Our Partners