Regional Convenings :

The African Regional Convening to Support Parents and Caregivers was held from 21-23 June 2022. It brought together almost 1500 individuals from 742 unique organizations from across Africa working in the fields of health, education, nutrition, social welfare, gender, early childhood, adolescence, water and sanitation, mental health, violence prevention, climate, and others. The convening included presentations on more than 50 evidence-based initiatives focusing on different sectors and platforms for reaching parents and caregivers. The convening was organized by GISP partners and the African Early Childhood Network with funding support from USAID.

An African Compendium of Case Studies, led by AfECN and jointly developed by GISP partners based on the evidence-based interventions presented at the convening, is forthcoming in 2024.

We have a lot of evidence on what works in our region and now we need to join hands together and bring it to scale.