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ECD and Humanitarian Crisis resources (ECDAN) (English)

Various resources, guidance, articles and statistics addressing Early Childhood Development in times of crisis. The thematic page provides key information for those supporting children in humanitarian contextsor for those who want to.

The role of fathers in Parenting for gender equality

This paper presents an emerging body of evidence, which affirms that positive father engagement in the lives of their children – much like positive involvement of mothers and other significant caregivers – is associated with a series of early child development outcomes as well as improved quality of family environment and relationships. It presents constraints which stand in the way of realizing the potential of men as fully involved fathers and caregivers, such as: restrictive gender norms and a lack of policies and supportive enabling environment; shares emerging and promising fatherhood and parenting support interventions; and offers evidence-based recommendations on how to improve research, policies, and programs in order to promote men’s active engagement as fathers.