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How to support parents

Why We Must All Support Parents and Caregivers

The evidence is clear: supporting parents to provide responsive and nurturing care to children and adolescents can have strong positive influences on child and adolescent development across multiple outcomes. This includes:

  • Optimizing children’s development in early childhood and beyond
  • Improving growth and nutritional status
  • Enhancing children and caregiver’s mental health
  • Interrupting the cycle of violence and neglect
  • Improving positive interactions of children and caregivers
  • Increasing attendance at routine health visits
  • Promoting positive social norms about protecting and nurturing children


Global Initiative to Support Parents (GISP)|How to Support Parents
Global Initiative to Support Parents (GISP)|How to Support Parents

Frameworks and Policies on Parent and Caregiver Support

The evidence around parent and caregiver support has been developed into multiple frameworks that translate evidence into actionable recommendations and “how to” guidance for policy makers, program implementers, and other stakeholders across governments and civil society. The examples shown here include multi-agency technical packages that bundle parenting interventions with other strategies and dedicated evidence-based parenting resources.

This page brings together guidelines, resources, and frameworks from across different sectors and outcomes and across the life course in order to support implementation of universal parent and caregiver support.


The GISP Knowledge Hub combines evidence-based guidelines, toolkits, articles, and other resources on parent and caregiver support. This is the only place to find resources on parenting support from across sectors and across the life course in one place.

Global Initiative to Support Parents (GISP)|How to Support Parents