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Caregiving in Adversity

This new framework aims to establish a clear and common understanding of caregiving in humanitarian crises and provide programmatic, advocacy, and research directions to improve caregiver and child well-being and ultimately increase the protection of children. It builds on the growing commitment and momentum of the humanitarian sector to promote positive parenting,and highlights caregiver support as a necessary corollary to child protection.

Key Considerations for Engaging Men in Maternal, Infant, and Young Child Nutrition Programming

Growing evidence suggests that engaging men in nutrition is often associated with improved infant and young child feeding, maternal dietary practices, improved couples’ relationships, and increased joint decision-making. It also has the potential to benefit children, female partners, families, and men themselves. Intentionally engaging men through gender transformative approaches—that seek to promote equity and transform gender relations—is important for improving nutrition outcomes as well as increasing women’s agency and it can have long-term positive changes in gendered power dynamics.

Transforming Tomorrow: Innovative Solutions for Children in Crisis

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Sesame Workshop came together to launch Ahlan Simsim (‘Welcome Sesame’ in Arabic), a transformative initiative designed to deliver and scale up programs, services and resources in early childhood development (ECD) for families impacted by con昀氀ict, crisis, and displacement.

How parenting programmes can reduce violence against children and women

This series was developed by UNICEF, Prevention Collaborative, and Equimundo to support parenting practitioners to integrate the prevention of violence against children and women and gender equality promotion within parenting programmes. The briefs distill the evidence on how these two types of violence intersect and what effective programmes look like. Concrete guidance is given for how to adapt parenting programmes to integrate violence prevention and gender equality and how to monitor and evaluate them.